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natural white


60 x 38 cm (B x H)
23.62 x 14.96 inch (d x h)

Items delivered:

1 lampshade


OPTION 1: very high quality mat paper with a noble appearance, acid- and ligninfree, durable for a long time; natural white; The matte finish is smooth and unstructured and therefore very carefree. It looks very modern and geometric.
OPTION 2: very high quality mat paper, durable for a long time; natural white; flame-retardant (+15€).


The tricky folding results in a three-dimensional extraordinary luminous object. Without lighting the lampshade is opaque white. When it’s lit it becomes translucent and the folds are extra staged. The combination of geometry with a moody light creates a very special atmosphere. The light shines entirely through the bright material so that the lampshade lights a normal sized room. HEAVEN KNOWS XTREME is a bigger variety of HEAVEN KNOWS ULTRA. HEAVEN KNOWS XTREME is simply hung on a lamp socket, which you can get at any hardware store or in our shop. The light fitting is not part of this offer. The lamp should be operated with an energy saving light (or any similar fixtures with low heat generation eg LEDs). The light of the lampshade is influenced by the color temperature of the light bulb (warm white or cool white).

Each lampshade is handmade. It will be produced after payment receipt. For safe shipping the lampshade will be packed in sturdy cardboard-boxes, carefully stuffed with filling material.

Due to safe shipping and the required special packing for overseas delivery it’s unfortunately not possible to send this giant lampshade to overseas countries – we are really sorry. Please take a look at HEAVEN KNOWS /// ULTRA – it’s a little bit smaller but has still a remarkable size.

Size comparison lampshades


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